Let’s accelerate your scientific and clinical discovery.

Looking for the brightest in chemistry, microbiology, and lab techs? Need talent for any phase of vaccine development? We’ll handle the hiring, so you can get back to your day job. We’re the experts at hiring experts in science. You have complex projects. We have the talent to get them done right.

We provide a full range of flexible solutions to complement your business. That means top talent for contract, contract to hire, direct hire, project services, or outsourcing of entire departments under service-level agreements. Trust Kelly Science & Clinical for the experts you need to thrive.
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Why partner with us?

  • We understand science: nearly 100% of our recruiters have a science background.
  • 100% of the Fortune 100 life sciences and healthcare employers are clients.
  • We’re ranked #2 in science staffing providers in the U.S.
  • We’ve placed 220,000+ scientific professionals.
  • We provide full outsourcing services.
  • We can manage your services providers, and direct billions of spending on behalf of clients.

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You need scientific and clinical insiders

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We supply niche talent

  • Biochemists and Molecular Biologists
  • Chemists and Food Scientists
  • Clinical Lab, Research, Trials, and Operations Associates
  • Microbiologists and Biological Scientists
  • Quality, Regulatory Affairs, and Compliance Associates

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   Across key industries

  • Biotherapeutics (Vaccines and Biologics)
  • Clinical Development
  • Data Science and Predictive Analytics
  • Diagnostics and Biomarkers
  • Manufacturing and Process Development
  • Regenerative Medicine (Cell / Gene Therapy)




Need more proof?
10,000+ life sciences employees placed every year.
Every 12 minutes we place a science professional.
Ranked #2 but not stopping until we’re #1.

It’s time to get moving.

Connecting with the best talent and solutions in science has never been easier—or more important. Discover a partnership that just makes sense, scientifically.  

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