About the Kelly Certification Institute

Success in biopharma requires getting products to market quickly, safely, and cost effectively. But contingent scientists without proper certification can make things slower, less safe, and more expensive.

The problem is, ensuring compliance can be difficult when you’re quickly cobbling together the best possible teams. It’s made even harder in the gig economy, which life sciences companies rely on. And staying up to date can be tough for scientists, too. In fact, only 15% of qualified candidates typically have the latest requirements.

That’s why we’ve developed the Kelly Certification Institute: a sustainable, virtual training and certification solution that delivers qualified talent—current in GMP, GxP, data integrity, and other crucial requirements.

It makes Kelly the only provider that combines top-quality talent with a strong, comprehensive certification process. And it puts the other 85% of the workforce at your fingertips. So you can go to market faster, safer, and cheaper.

FAQs about Kelly Certification Institute

Do my employees need to travel for this certification?

No. All training is conducted in an online, virtual environment, with a certificate awarded upon completion of the training.

Are these certifications only available to Kelly employees at my business?

No. Organizations can also use the Kelly Certification Institute for their own talent, as well as talent not engaged through a Kelly solution.

What training does the Kelly Certification Institute offer?
  • GDP
  • Data integrity (ALCOA+)
  • 21 CFR 211
  • GMP/GxP
  • Clean room knowledge

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