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We can accelerate your vaccine work. Kelly Science & Clinical is an award-winning specialist known for sourcing superior clinical talent. We’re a true partner that enables your success.

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We’ve never been part of a more important mission.

The world is working to achieve something mind-blowing - a safe and effective vaccine by early 2021. It’s a huge goal and it will take many experts to make it reality. Kelly has already connected experienced life science talent with Covid-19 vaccine studies around the world and we can do the same for you.

Our 25 years of science expertise is making an impact.

The timeline for developing a vaccine can span 16 years— from research, preclinical, and phase 1 – phase 3 trials, to building factories, manufacturing, approval, and distribution. Operation Warp Speed will condense that to one year, or even sooner. Kelly is ready to help you at any phase in the cycle.

Kelly Science & Clinical has been impacting the sciences with amazing talent for more than 25 years. That includes vaccine support for kit building, reagents, Dx and CLIA labs, state health departments, epidemiology, and clinical functions within all phases of drug development through manufacturing.

Where we’re helping to combat COVID

In fact, our employees have been actively engaged since the onset of COVID-19 from diagnosis and monitoring, to clinical trials and public safety, to vaccine manufacturing and distribution.



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