Delivering complex SAP migration to AWS with ITMaaS

Delivering complex SAP migration to AWS with ITMaaS

Kelly® Technology facilitates decommissioning of Life Science company’s data centers, which includes more than 20 databases and 100 plus servers.

The company

An innovative Life Sciences company.

The challenge

Design and implement workflows that establish clear metrics, which meet business goals and add to new testing formats.

The outcome

Using the Agile method, which is proven to transform business, foster innovation, and accelerate profitability and tailored solutions, the Kelly Technology team successfully migrated the Life Science company’s SAP data to AWS. The team dramatically decreased the overall SAP infrastructure spend compared to traditional data center implementation and removed ongoing licensing costs by switching to SAP HANA. Overall, the Kelly team’s migration solutions will save the Life Science company $250,000 a year.

The Agile Method

We want to deliver faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused solutions; that’s why we use the Agile methodology. The Agile method is proven to transform your business, foster innovation, and accelerate profitability. In addition, we can help you scale Agile across your entire organization to improve time-to-market, boost quality, raise employee morale, and become a truly adaptive and transformative organization.

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