Quick Bytes: Greg Larkin and Cultivating Innovation


If you want to remain competitive, you will inevitably have to find a way to innovate. Despite your past successes, to stay on the cutting-edge, you’re going to have to do things differently to win. But where does that change come from, and how do you really foster innovation? We’ll give you a hint; it comes from people!

In this episode of Quick Bytes, Tolga Cengiz, Senior Director of Tech Domain Intelligence, discusses ways to cultivate innovations with Greg Larkin, who served as the head of innovation at Bloomberg, is the author of the international best-seller book, This Might Get Me Fired, is an international keynote speaker, and the founder of Punks & Pinstripes.

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“Quick Bytes” is an interview series presented by Kelly Technology, which features innovative software companies reshaping how businesses address complex and technical challenges today.

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