What do you want your private 5G network to be capable of?

From schools to farms to factories, our experts have the knowledge and technology to keep your operation humming, your information secure and your 5G network unimpeded. Get the most out of your people and your equipment by keeping them seamlessly connected on a private network you own. This can digitally optimize your operations and your future by providing resiliency and complete control over a reliable network that only Kelly can deliver from end-to-end. To put it simply: this changes everything.


Do we have to replace our existing infrastructure?

No.  Your private 5G network can integrate seamlessly with your legacy systems.  No rip and replace necessary.

Do we have to maintain the network?

Up to you. You can explore a shared model with Kelly Telecom or elect to self-perform.

Isn’t private 5G expensive?

No. Our approach is to identify where your network inefficiencies exist, develop a cost-effective and easy to scale model that will secure a strong ROI on your implementation.

Do we have to buy spectrum or register with the FCC?

No. All registrations and FCC interactions are handled by us.  No spectrum purchase is required.

What can I do with my network data?

You can dive into analytics that allow you to improve operational efficiencies, reduce Op Ex via real-time utility visibility and prioritize network traffic far beyond what your network can manage today.

Why should we consider Kelly Telecom?

If you want a team of experts who have designed and delivered every generation of wireless, who know the strengths of every equipment manufacturer and who will tailor a solution that is as unique as your environment, then Kelly Telecom is the only partner you should consider.

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