2024 salary report for science & clinical talent in the U.S.


Across the country, hiring managers of scientific professionals are concerned with finding the right talent—not the cost of that talent. Here’s where their focus is: 

Sourcing the right science and clinical talent

Finding science and clinical talent quickly

The reliability of science and clinical talent

Salary breakdown, by science or clinical occupations:

We’re seeing salaries continue to rise for in-demand roles, where there’s increasing wage pressure and a short supply of talent.



Key skills and certifications:

Top competitors for science and clinical talent would agree on the top skills they’re seeking. Hiring conditions for these skill sets are difficult across the country.

These top in-demand skills are the most sought after in the market:



Companies are aggressively recruiting talent with qualified certifications related to security clearances, hazardous waste or materials, and GCP/GLP regulations. Hiring conditions are extremely competitive for the science and clinical professionals who possess these qualifications

Top certifications in the market now:



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