A SOW model keeps a critical joint venture moving forward during a hiring freeze.

Industrial machines.

The challenge:

Redevelop several product lines amid a hiring freeze.

A premier industrial technology company had been working in an ongoing strategic joint venture with the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. They were successfully integrating an innovative new application for automating and managing grade control into hydraulic excavators, when one of their component suppliers discontinued a key piece of equipment. A team of high-level engineers and technical experts from both companies was needed urgently to completely redesign several product lines and keep the venture on schedule. Then suddenly, a hiring freeze at the technology company put these critical projects at further risk of missing key milestones. They turned to Kelly® Engineering, the experts at hiring experts, for a solution.

The solution:

A project-based model removes hiring limits.

Kelly Engineering brought together a team of 8 to design a personalized, project-based SOW model that would work alongside the company’s hiring freeze to provide the senior-level talent the venture needed. The dedicated service team has ensured ease of use from day one. Recruiters from Kelly Engineering quickly sourced niche experts for the team, including:

  • Firmware Engineers
  • V&V Lab Test Engineer
  • Environmental Compliance Engineer
  • Mechanical Support Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Kitting Lab Technician
  • V&V Lab Technicians
  • Releasing Coordinator


The value:

Faster access to niche, long-term, superior talent.

Kelly Engineering filled all 11 roles within just 2 months. The solution gave the client access to the higher-level, longer-term talent they needed for the venture to proceed without increasing headcount. Plus, since the model often gives top professionals a good chance at converting to direct hire—and offers a much better benefits package with 401(k), holidays, PTO, and more—Kelly Engineering could attract and retain superior candidates for every role. The client also has a chance to evaluate the talent at work before committing. The solution has reduced their co-employment risk and expects to improve retention rates, which will not only save cost from less turnover, but drive best-in-class employment satisfaction rates and higher production levels.

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