Do you have what U.S. engineering talent is looking for?

Do you have what U.S. engineering talent is looking for?

Learn how to make your company more attractive for top engineering candidates

Does your organization have difficulty retaining engineers and other technical talent? This infographic features data from Kelly’s independent research that may help you understand and adapt to engineers’ priorities and build a more stable workforce.

Here are a few sample insights:

  • S. engineers tend to be more concerned about remaining employable by having up-to-date skills than they are with losing their current job.
  • 34% of engineers have sought out training and paid for it themselves (vs. 28% for other types of workers).
  • 71% of engineering talent believe they are in higher demand than the average worker.

These statistics strongly suggest that engineers and other technical talent may be harder to retain if they don’t have opportunities to develop their skill sets at work. For more actionable insights, download the infographic and explore the data further.

View the infographic: What is U.S. engineering talent looking for?


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