Expert talent powers the way for a breakthrough new battery.

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A revolutionary start-up in energy storage technology gets the expert talent it needs to thrive.

It takes an expert partner to find the experts you need.

Nickel-hydrogen batteries have been proven for decades, with 200+ million cell-hours in orbital spacecraft from the International Space Station to the Hubble Telescope—but they weren’t exactly cheap. Not until a breakthrough technology from EnerVenue, a start-up in energy storage technology, changed everything. The company, licensing the technology from NASA, has found a way to adapt common earth materials for production, reducing the related costs from about $20,000 to just $100 per kilowatt hour, or 200 times cheaper. Using no toxic materials, they’re easy to recycle. They can handle extreme temperatures, with little to no maintenance, and a 30-year lifespan. That’s far superior to lithium-ion batteries, and without their risk for setting spontaneous fires. But like all new clean tech, it takes a lot of talent to scale any concept to the realities of mass production. Getting the right people at the right time, in a tight labor market, is critical.

EnerVenue is a classic case of how fast energy markets can change in the current energy transition— just 3 years ago, the breakthrough that made this type of energy storage possible, did not exist. In two more years, it expects 2 GWh to be installed.”
- Rethink Technology Research

The business partnered with Kelly Engineering for the niche talent in clean tech it needed to grow capabilities in the R&D stage, through proof of concept and funding, into early production. Since Kelly began recruiting for EnerVenue just 10 months earlier, the company transitioned from $12 million in funding to $100 million, crossing the Series A finish line. They expanded from producing 0 vessels to 1000. And they grew from a staff of 15 people to 97 employees, including full-time, Kelly contractors, and Independent Contractors.

Because they had such a clear understanding of what EnerVenue was looking for, Kelly could present two candidates for each role. That led to an 82% fill rate with an average time-to-fill of less than 20 days. Meanwhile, attrition stayed very low. Among all Kelly direct hire and contract placements, only two were released. Working with the C-suite initially, and later with Production Supervisors, Kelly has placed more than 35 experts in contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire—including roles for:


The Kelly team brought decades of experience to give EnerVenue the flexibility it’s needed to make a big difference in the renewable energy sector, one placement at a time. One leader at the company confirmed, noting:

Working with Kelly Engineering has offered value very similar to that we ascribe to our batteries: flexible, proven, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. We couldn’t ask more from a talent partner in renewable energy—but when we inevitably do, I’m confident they’ll deliver the people we need.”
- Frank Blohm, Chief Operating Officer at EnerVenue

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