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Kelly® Engineering is an award-winning specialist in sourcing superior engineering talent through a full range of flexible, efficient solutions. We’re empowering innovative companies everywhere—from startups to the Fortune 500—to turn their cutting-edge ideas into reality by tapping into talent in ways they never thought possible. As the third largest engineering talent provider in the U.S., we place thousands of engineering experts every year.

How and where we can help:

We find specialty talent – for contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire

We design custom solutions – from Project Services to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), we can run an entire department to your specific requirements and SLAs

We specialize – providing a variety of specialty talent across key industries, including:

Three cases of expert staffing and talent solutions in action.

How can we help your engineering business thrive today? Consider three recent examples where our experience with specialty engineering talent made all the difference to other forward-thinking companies.

Accessing specialized engineering talent.

Ramping up a disruptive startup with expert talent to drive a proven concept to commercialization.

The company
A pharmaceutical manufacturing startup was bringing an industry-changing idea to reality. They needed specialty engineers quickly, to deliver the prototypes required for their next round of funding.

The challenge
Collaborate across the C-suite and several divisions to rapidly expand the company’s teams with very specific skill sets—and provide cost-saving solutions to optimize funding. Kelly recruiters worked closely with company leaders to understand the ideal profile for each role and continuously fine-tune their searches.

The outcome
Kelly offered a deep partnership with multiple targeted solutions—including contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and project services—helping the startup to deliver on R&D commitments under intense time pressure. In six months, Kelly placed 26 positions with subject matter expertise ranging from CFD to labview development, filling each role in just 21 days on average. One placement soon became their Director of Engineering.

Specialty talent at scale, lowering time-to-fill by 80%.

Unable to fill technical roles quickly enough for a premier client, a global engineering consulting firm was on the brink of losing their business.

The company
A Fortune 500 engineering consulting firm in support of their key client—a leading global automaker—within its engine testing and validation labs.

The challenge
Quickly understand the firm’s needs to expand its contract talent pool with 25 highly specialized field service engineers and technicians, and dramatically accelerate its hiring process.

The outcome
A streamlined process that reduced time-to-fill from six weeks to one week or less—an 80% reduction.

Better retention from a custom outsourcing solution.

A large vision care company increased engineering talent retention and streamlined its functional management structure.

The company
A leading vision care research and manufacturing company, within one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device corporations.

The challenge
Facing short tenure caps on temporary engineering talent, the organization needed to transform its functional management structure to help increase retention.

The outcome
Kelly streamlined organizational structure by taking over management of key functions within R&D. The team seamlessly transitioned essential talent into a new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) structure, staffing additional roles as needed. The program increased talent retention without adding headcount.

The Kelly team is exceptionally responsive to our changing needs and timing … always willing to assist out of hours to help resolve issues and help get suitable candidates hired.”
– Operations Manager
Looking for ways to improve your company’s talent strategy? Let’s talk. From contract and direct-hire staffing, to business process outsourcing and project services, Kelly Engineering provides a full range of flexible, efficient solutions designed to meet your needs.

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