A statementworX program maintains business continuity to meet a key deadline.

A specialist biologist who performs a laboratory analysis of a sample.

The challenge:

A bench ready to cover for various expert lab techs.

The client, one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers, wanted to ensure business continuity in its operations across several key technical areas. The ideal solution entailed a flexible bench on-site of knowledgeable, trained technicians who could be deployed with little or short notice to the client’s engineering sites and labs. This team would cover for other Kelly® Engineering staff who were out due to PTO, absence, or medical leave, as well as offer support for on-demand, unforeseen, or additional workloads. Technicians would need broad training to support a range of critical functions—from new product launches, test validation execution, and debugging, to general lab support and inventory control.

The solution:

A resource delivery solution for many specialties.

Experts from Kelly Engineering were already supplying engineering talent to the client through outsourcing. The new resource delivery program enabled Kelly to build a new flex workforce team, and cross-train this specialized on-site crew so they could reliably support all the client’s various engineering lab services. For example, technicians use DediProg to flash, read, and update systems on desktops, laptops, servers, and GPUs. They install and boot to specific operating systems using Wimager Bootloader. Skillsets for specific processes can range from basic system rework to SAS rework server CPU/PCH upgrades, microchip and small parts replacement, up to coding activity using C++, Java, and Python. The team is ready to support even the client’s most urgent needs—and save time on projects that can cost millions to delay.

The value:

Improved business continuity, growth, and hiring.

Today the resource delivery progam is an integral part of the client’s business continuity plans. Last year the team covered employee absences totalling 7,056 hours of PTO and sick time. Meanwhile, they contributed 3,632 hours of unplanned work across the client’s many functions. Because all team members are fully trained, they’re also preferred to fill new staffing needs or attrition, speeding up time-to-start by reducing the search and hiring time to zero. Last year the flex team filled 6 client requisitions, while decreasing their business continuity risk to zero as well.

“The Kelly Flex team quickly ramped up and met our requirement—I appreciate them stepping in and delivering in such a short time. I’ll use them again, especially when employees are off for extended periods.” – Engineering Manager


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