Turnkey solution solves manufacturing calamity

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Kelly® Engineering provides Project Services for planned and unplanned maintenance of chemical plants, including a SME coordinator & experts ensuring rapid deployment & scalability.

The challenge:

Productivity sabotaged by a lack of organization.

A top Fortune 100 multinational chemical company needed support in securing and managing experienced talent for capital construction projects, maintenance, and turnaround activities. But, the company lacked the organizational structure to coordinate the experts needed for multiple sites throughout North America. In addition, the inability to increase and decrease on-site talent and the loss of critical process knowledge due to inconsistent personnel, market demand, and rising retirement rates contributed to the company’s inefficiency.

The solution:

A centralized turnkey, full-service program.

Kelly Engineering became a full-service turnaround program partner for the chemical company. Through the partnership, Kelly developed a program that minimized onboarding and ramp-up times, retained vital internal process knowledge, mitigated turnover, and set up a scalable active talent pool. The program also monitors performance, adjusts resources based on this data, and forecasts future talent needs. In addition, Kelly established a dedicated subject-matter expert position who acts as the single point of contact, oversees the redeployment of talent, and collaborates with local sites to support daily and unplanned events and organize travel and housing for employees.

The value:

Efficient & scalable with expert talent.

Kelly Engineering rapidly deployed 24 experts in activity coordination, planning, scheduling, QA/QC support, and construction management experience. The Kelly team’s implementation of a single point of contact streamlined the management and deployment of talent for capital construction projects, maintenance, and turnaround activities. Kelly’s solution provided scalable support with the deployment of teams to 12 sites throughout North America, including the Gulf Coast. This deployment covered unplanned activity such as outages caused by freezing temperatures during the winter months. Kelly continues to support the chemical company through its centralized turnkey, full-service program.

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