Improve security and database efficiencies with IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS).

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statementworX provides a faster, more flexible, and intensely customer-focused solution that fits any business, project, location, timeline, and budgetary need.

How and where we can help:

Project DeliveryWe offer a dedicated team of experts focused on your business goals that can track projects, monitor deliverables, and optimize workflows as well as costs.

Program Delivery – We fully manage your program with dedicated project managers, build teams with experienced subject matter experts, and continually provide progress updates.

Areas of Expertise:

Three cases highlighting our ITMaaS solutions in action.

How can a statementworX solution bring your vision to life? Consider these three recent examples where our IT solutions delivered powerful results.

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Reduce performance issues and reduce expenses.

Stabilize database issues and manage out-of-control costs.

The company
Consumer products company operating SAP on AWS.

The challenge
Develop a get-to-green plan that controls costs and gains customer / stakeholder buy-in. Create an audit-remediate-audit workflow that has robust reporting methods. Ensure backups are operational, establish anti-virus compliance, and develop and implement a plan to address performance issues.

The outcome
Kelly Technology reduced overall performance issues, preventing the immediate need to implement expensive upsize to HANA, and made sure 100% of backups and anti-virus met compliance. In addition, the team got the consumer products company to green, reducing AWS spend by more than 15% a month with FinOps program implementation.

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Implementing complex enterprise solution architecture.

Improving critical information security and cyber security posture.

The company
A cutting-edge Aerospace and Defense organization.

The challenge
Rapidly source subject-matter experts to develop comprehensive assessment of corporate target processes, procedures, and security—and audit four acquisitions that spanned across 500,000 devices, 80,000 servers, 160,000 laptops, and 100,000 databases.

The outcome
Kelly increased the organization’s security following NIST security framework while upgrading systems and spearheaded a digital transformation for retiring systems. They completed the project in two phases within the United States and internationally, saving the company $2 million in device tracking systems and $1.5 million in server upgrades.

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Back-end database applications development.

Development of software, database code, and barcode system to meet rapid growth business objectives.

The company
A fast-growing mid-cap Internet technology company.

The challenge
Provide back-end support for legacy databases, optimize servers, enhance data mining for front-end and web development, and increase overall web security.

The outcome
Kelly improved back-end database posturing, which facilitated the company’s internet growth strategies. The team successfully developed a use case within one month and implemented the new code while applying a robust process that reduced errors and improved quality by 20%. The Kelly team also supplied an extended code to greater expand the code base, gaining efficiencies by 70%.

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