Revolutionizing the agricultural industry with smart technology

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Fortune 500 manufacturer partners with Kelly® Technology for digital transformation of the agricultural industry.

The Challenge

Industry-wide digital transformation

A U.S.-based manufacturer wanted to revolutionize the agricultural industry through an innovative “Smart Industrial” model, which included enterprise integration with aftermarket and customer support capabilities. The Fortune 500 manufacturer required a team of specialists to develop a new platform that would simplify complex technical information and used predictive analytics to determine the optimal conditions and farmer interventions needed to deliver the greatest crop quality and output. To ensure the adoption and long-term usage of the new digital experience, the company also needed a way to train its farmers and distribution partners effectively. As an added challenge, to safeguard the initial launch of their transformative experience, the company also had to develop this cutting-edge platform in-house.

The Solution

Specialized talent to drive objectives.

After partnering with the manufacturer, Kelly Technology did an assessment of the company’s corporate strategy to understand the state of its business and its goals. Through this assessment, the Kelly Technology team determined knowledge gaps and suggested talent solutions that would help the company achieve its industry-changing objective. A team of Kelly technical SMEs were assigned to the company to put together appropriate data governance, knowledge transfer, and stakeholder management practices in place. Together, the Kelly Technology team and the company quickly placed UI/UX experts who facilitated the development of the digital platform and implemented a training program for users and partners.

The Result

Revenue growth & improved customer experience.

With the new “Smart Industrial’ model, the manufacturer saw an 8.34% year-over-year growth in revenue as well as an increase in customer satisfaction. The company also saw a measurable improvement in user and partner platform literacy from the intuitive UI/UX solutions and the ongoing user and partner training program. Finally, through the collaboration, the company’s new platform now offers a method of delivering real-time customer support.

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