Augmenting & Expanding Biotherapeutics based CDMOs

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When  projects rapidly grew, and internal teams reached their limits, Biotechnology Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMO) engaged with Kelly Science & Clinical for specialized talent and solutions.


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Biotechnology CDMOs projects grow at breakneck speeds. To meet their client’s expectations, they must augment their staff with expert talent, often in remote locations.

Kelly Science & Clinical quickly sourced specialty-trained talent with the right experience.

Specialized talent, some needed onsite as soon as possible, were brought in to facilitate new production and rapidly changing projects, allowing the internal team—who were getting stretched too thin—to focus on priorities.




CDMOs face a wide range of issues as they navigate the demands of clients and projects. Companies might need to ramp up implementation or production, rapidly growing to meet the expectations within the competitive  the CDMO industry. Whatever changes may come, having the right talent at the right time is imperative.

Rapidly scaling up a workforce to produce a vaccine

Organizations face demand, but none more critical than those related to the global pandemic. After the government selected an industry-leading CDMO to produce the all-important vaccine for large-scale trials, they needed to increase their staff dramatically. But where could they find specialized talent that had experience in upstream and downstream bioprocessing? Knowing that the trials were essential to defeating the pandemic, the organization turned to Kelly Science & Clinical to rapidly grow their team. Our team strategized around the geography and demand in the market to recommend what roles would need to be filled as direct hire and which roles we could fulfill on contract. We deployed a team of local and US-wide recruiters to relocate the higher end talent while simultaneously ramping local support contractors. We quickly sourced fifteen direct hires and twenty-four flexible contractors so that the organization could stay on track and deliver vaccines for trials during an unprecedented time.

Finding hard to find expert talent with cell & gene therapy experience in a pinch

Although some CDMOs might not be dealing with a global pandemic, they do have critical needs. During a large-scale acquisition, a CDMO needed experts immediately with closed system experience from other CMO companies due to the variety of projects they had on hand. We were able to get on-site to support the local HR team, get them up to full staff capacity, and position them for acquisition. Kelly Science & Clinical used its vast network to find and place twenty-six full-time positions. We filled 26 positions for them in a matter of 6 months across a variety of Manufacturing and support roles.

Procuring an army of niche talent to open a new site

Building a new facility is exciting, but it also brings new challenges: installing new equipment, staffing up, and building a new team from ground zero. As a multinational chemicals and biotechnology company looked to expand their Biotherapeutics arena in Houston and NH, they needed a partner that understood the niche marketplace and geographic hardships for people with this specific experience. In Houston, this was a brand new facility, scaling in every area from MFG, MSAT, Quality, and leadership. They turned to us. We strategized around the geography and demand in the market to recommend what roles would need to be filled as direct hire and which roles we could fulfill on contract. We deployed a team of local and US wide recruiters to relocate the more experienced, senior talent while also ramping local support contractors.By partnering with us, they were able to quickly access over 100 contractors, 20+ Direct Hires, and also receive support with professional payroll service. ​

Finding hard-to-find, expert talent that your Talent Acquisition team hasn’t been able to locate

As CDMOs become established within the industry, they grow. And as they get bigger, so do their teams. Over five years, a Biotherapeutic organization flourished and steadily grew in the CDMO industry. They partner with Kelly for high-end, strategic searches and when their internal Talent Acquisition teams aren’t able to find the right talent. The Kelly Science & Clinical team has developed a personal relationship with this organization’s management and its c-suite. After half a decade, Kelly Science & Clinical is still the organization’s go-to for fulfilling roles their Talent Acquisition teams aren’t able to fulfill.

Accessing a deep network of talent

These CDMOs might be facing different problems, but they came to Kelly Science & Clinical for support. After meeting and agreeing to terms, Kelly’s team develop the strategy to meet partner challenges. To address each of the CDMOs’ needs, Kelly used its vast network of local and nationwide recruiters to source premium, well-trained talent while also ramping up flexible contractors. This allowed each company to plan and budget based on their demand.

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