Improving retention of biomanufacturing talent for a leader in vaccines

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The challenge

Turnover of key biomanufacturing workers.

Ceva Biomune is the largest producer of poultry vaccine in the world, most coming from a single facility in Kansas. Turnover of critical Manufacturing Associates was growing at the plant due to ongoing labor shortages, plus a general increase in job opportunity for biomanufacturing talent. The company was losing people faster than it could hire and train them. This put a huge strain on existing workers and put Ceva on the verge of reducing its production of vaccines.

The solution

Strategies for cultivating attraction and retention.

As the company’s Master Vendor, experts at Kelly® Science & Clinical recommended a pay rate increase, plus moving temporarily from using a contract-to-hire model to direct hire. They also developed a customized job preview presentation to enhance candidate understanding and expectations of the role. Next, they implemented a phased sign-on bonus across three stages to improve attraction and retention throughout the Ceva training period for new workers.

The value

24/7 production back to full strength, on schedule.

In 3 months, Kelly hired and retained 40+ new Manufacturing Associates, returning the 24/7 production operation to full strength. Vaccine production and distribution around the world is back on schedule.

“Facing a significant recruiting crisis, Kelly Science & Clinical stepped up to the plate with focused resources, targeted suggestions, and responsiveness to our recruiting concerns. We’re now confident that we can meet our ongoing staffing needs and future recruiting projects.”

Jennifer Harlem – HR/People Leader, Ceva Animal Health.

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