Our talent is building a better future. You can join them.

Our talent is building a better future. You can join them.

By Hugo Malan

STEM professionals are making an impact through their work every day—not only within their industries, but in society, too. At Kelly, we see this first-hand. Last year, we connected more than 28,000 science, engineering, technology, and telecommunications professionals to career opportunities at some of the world’s most innovative companies, including 90 of the Fortune 100™. From autonomous vehicle technologies that are making transportation safer, to more sustainable materials designed with our environment in mind, these professionals are quite literally building a better future.

As you might expect, this sense of purpose leads to greater fulfillment. According to a survey of 5,330 employees conducted in 2017 by the ADP Research Institute, STEM professionals feel more accomplished, motivated, valued, satisfied, and recognized at work[1]. I see these sentiments reflected in the stories of the science, engineering, technology, and telecommunications professionals who Kelly has placed in roles on the cutting-edge of their fields.

Kelly Science, Engineering, Technology & Telecom talent are powering innovation

Ishan, an automation controls and systems engineer on an assignment with a multinational automaker, is developing driver assist technology for semi-autonomous vehicles. Ask him why he’s passionate about his work and he’ll tell you, “Every morning when I drive to work and pass through an intersection, I watch how other people drive their cars. I notice something different every day, and it’s exciting because I’m able to apply what I’m seeing to the technology that will make driving safer for everybody.”

As a radio frequency engineer, Severiano is helping design the first high-speed broadband network in the U.S. dedicated entirely to public safety—enabling first responders to communicate and share information more efficiently and reliably, while serving their communities. “I’m proud that I have the opportunity to innovate and create processes and procedures that will ultimately help keep people safe and connected,” said Severiano.

After earning a degree in analytical chemistry, Sudeep found her first job as a chemist through Kelly. More than twenty years later, she reconnected with Kelly about a chemical research technician role with a global oil and gas company, and it was just the opportunity she had been looking for. “I took on this opportunity because I wanted to make materials that are safer for the environment—like biodegradable plastics—to create a more sustainable way of life for society and our planet,” said Sudeep.

Blazing my own path to a career in engineering

Personally, I started to realize the impact that one could have through a career in engineering as a middle school student growing up in South Africa. I was the proud owner of a ZX Spectrum—one of the first mainstream home computers available. It had less memory than you’d find in a modern TV remote, but I was able to write simple programs for it using the BASIC programming language. For example, creating a way to instantly check whether a record had been broken at a school track meet was easy! I became very passionate about the possibilities in a world where engineering helps eliminate repetitive or tedious tasks, so that people can focus on more interesting and enjoyable activities.

When I joined the workforce, these possibilities became even more real. In my first job as a consultant with a technology startup focused on internet infrastructure, I had the opportunity to help deploy a network that delivered broadband internet access to homes in the UK through set top boxes at a time when most people had very slow internet access at home, or no access at all. Knowing that my colleagues and I were contributing in a small way to creating a more connected society is a feeling that has never left me.

Join us and discover what’s next

These are just a few examples of the impact that’s possible and the fulfillment you can achieve through a career in science, engineering, technology, and telecommunications—and Kelly has more opportunities available right now. So, whether you’re a new grad or an experienced professional, let’s talk. We’re here to help you discover what’s next in your career.

[1] https://www.adp.com/resources/articles-and-insights/articles/t/the-influence-and-impact-of-stem-workers.aspx

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