Decommissioning data centers for an SAP migration to AWS.

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A leading life sciences company partners with Kelly® Technology to execute a highly complex SAP migration.

The challenge

Applications across 20 databases and 100 servers.

A large life sciences company was facing a highly complex SAP migration due to the monolithic and tightly coupled nature of their applications and database components. The migration involved a suite of applications on development, quality, and production landscape tiers numbering more than 20 databases and 100 total servers. The client would need a welldefined RACI matrix to outline complex vendor and customer relationships and responsibilities. Ultimately, their goal was to decommission all data centers and move all workloads to AWS.

The solution

A proven methodology for migrating SAP to AWS.

A comprehensive approach was required—including assessment, migration, and program/project methodology, plus compliance and controls for quality, security, and AWS financials. Experts at Kelly Technology had a proven methodology for migrating SAP to AWS that was quickly tailored for the client. A project migration team was formed to conduct design sessions and workshops to create the initial methodology deliverables, signed off by the client. They executed a migration using the methodology deliverables as a guide, and AWS specs to meet client business goals while adding new testing formats.

The value

High customer satisfaction and $250K in annual savings.

An optimized RACI led to better planning, alignment of milestones, and achievement of deadlines. Daily meetings allowed for more effective collaboration between Infosys and customer teams, for a successful migration in 8 months. This led to very high customer satisfaction and a dramatic decrease in overall spend on SAP infrastructure when compared to traditional data centers. Oracle licenses were also eliminated because SAP databases were moved to an SAP HANA platform. Total improvements across the project resulted in $250,000 of annual savings.

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