Using agile product development to enhance a company portal.

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Digital marketing experts from Kelly® Technology help to deliver new clients from a vastly improved corporate portal.


The challenge

Expanding service offerings into new states.

A Fortune 1000 insurance company was leveraging techniques for SAFE and Scrum product development and design to upgrade its corporate portal and expand services into more regions and new states. This would require mirroring the functionality of the existing portal to address compliance, insurance requirements, and regulation. A project team would need to leverage MVP knowledge to become experts for replication and enhancement. They’d also have to rapidly assimilate interdependencies in the portal and systems by navigating the client’s internal teams.

The solution.

Key talent to meet critical project timelines and goals.

Defined by roadmaps for future product iterations, Kelly Technology led one of eight client teams to meet key milestones and deliver results that maximized business value. They sourced a team of senior product leaders, working under a scrum master, who directed product teams of four development engineers and two quality analysts. Working in sprints, they used five different scrum ceremonies to ensure proper execution for product backlog creation, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, testing, product demo, and sprint retrospective. The team implemented BI planning to help refine solutions and clear roadblocks. They also operationalized transferable rules for features with customer applications, and built out stories for user acceptance testing and screening.

The value

New customers in targeted areas, regions, and states.

The project improved the client’s portal and boosted customer experiences across multiple geographies—while significantly increasing customers in newly targeted areas, regions, and states. It also saw the evolution of the client’s internal teams from predominantly waterfall to a hybrid state, with about 50% waterfall and 50% agile. The team delivered compelling stories targeting new customers, and expanded service offerings that greatly accelerated the acquisition of clients at a compounding rate.

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