The 2024 Hiring Outlook for Biomanufacturing.

Hiring Outlook for Biomanufacturing

The Biomanufacturing landscape is set for a sweeping transformation in 2024, with the job market evolving as quickly as the science behind it. To navigate the hiring outlook in this sector you’ll need an expert grasp on both technology and talent forecasting. This article provides a snapshot of the current hiring landscape, giving employers like you the insight to harness it to your advantage. 

Trends expected to shape the industry. 

Biomanufacturing in 2024 is driven by rapid advancements in technology and shifting market dynamics. The past few years have transformed the industry with groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping healthcare and drug development, driving demand for talent in these and other key industry sectors. For instance, RNA-based therapies now include single and double-stranded RNA molecules like mRNAs, miRNAs, siRNAs, and antisense RNAs. Innovation in CRISPR-based gene editing is enhancing the precision, scalability, and therapeutic potential of stem cells, which is promising for the treatment of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.  

Of course, innovation must always remain compliant, so regulatory affairs will impact new drug development and approval. You’ll need the right people in place to enable your projects in these areas. Each of these advancements and new drug launches will require a small army of experts to take on new projects and technologies as biotech firms capitalize on their impact this year. 

Most anticipated drug launches. 

Caution over new drug launches is also becoming a trend. The overall total potential sales (by 2028) for the top 10 drugs launched in 2024 is estimated at $15.2 billion, a decline from an already-low total of $17.5 billion in 2023. Both figures are a drop from 2022, when the sales potential totaled $26.9 billion. The top 5 most anticipated drug launches of the year are: 


Job categories where demand is rising. 

Meanwhile, the Biomanufacturing industry had a difficult year in 2023, with layoffs at many biotech companies. But the job market outlook is poised for a recovery this year, as the biotechnology market is expected to grow to $471 billion by 2025. Some of the most competitive types of talent will include: 

  • Gene therapy researchers 
  • Manufacturing associates in drug production 
  • AI specialists in drug discovery 
  • Microbiologists 
  • CRISPR and gene editing scientists 

Again, depending on how your business fits in the process—whether upstream or downstream, for QA or QC, in Process Development or Regulatory Affairs—that means engaging a wide variety of other specialized scientists, clinicians, and technicians. 

Job Market Conditions for Biomanufacturing. 

We examined the job market for Biomanufacturing by analyzing recent placements across the U.S. for those same sort of roles. The types of positions included: 

  • Biomanufacturing Associates  
  • Process Development Engineers  
  • QA Quality Engineers  
  • QA Quality Specialists  
  • QA Quality Technicians  
  • QC Quality Engineers  
  • QC Quality Specialists  
  • QC Quality Technicians  
  • Regulatory Affairs  

Job market Data

The estimated number of people employed in those roles in the workforce today is about 44,780. The estimated salary ranges from $67K to $105K. We calculated demand by processing, deduplicating, and counting job postings from tens of thousands of websites across the internet—roughly 22,310 openings. 

Hiring difficulty for these roles is currently expected to be very difficult. That score is driven by a relatively low supply of available talent, with just 12 candidates per each new job opening, which favors the candidate. The typical job posting is open for 77 days on average. Competition for that talent has increased this year by 25%, and competition remains highly dispersed, divided across many equal employers. This means there isn't a single big player or employer brand dominating current openings. 

We also examined the top roles posted by employers for Biomanufacturing positions, as well as the top skills listed in job postings: 

Fastest Growing Roles in Demand 

Job Title

Top Hard Skills for Qualified Candidates 

Job Title Location

The soft skills most often cited by employers include communication, collaboration, analysis, organization, and team-orientation. 

Biomanufacturing will continue to offer limitless possibilities this year, with solutions that integrate various technologies. Be sure to monitor any emerging technologies, regulatory frameworks, and industry standards to keep adapting to new market dynamics. Think about training and upskilling your workers to ensure optimal utilization of systems. You can further improve employee attraction and retention by leveraging digital tools, engaging retirees, and fostering partnerships within the local community. 

Find a talent partnership. 

It's no wonder that the Biomanufacturing industry relies on staffing companies. There’s simply not enough trained talent entering the market, while using a contract-to-hire staffing model works in manufacturing environments. Further, it will remain a highly competitive space for talent due to ongoing advances, which will force companies to look for support in growing their teams. 

Consider finding a proven partner for talent in Biomanufacturing like Kelly Science & Clinical—the experts at hiring experts. In a tight labor market with only 12 candidates available per open role, we can ensure you fill your position. About 35% of our talent pool is not actively on the market, not found on job boards or resume sites, but only through Kelly Science & Clinical. And we continue to build out this pool of talent with unique recruiting strategies like our (Ex)2 Expert Exchange series or our LinkedIn Live events. We carefully screen and select candidates so that you’re getting the most qualified workers for your business needs.  

Then we work with you to develop a staffing solution that meets your budget and timeline. That means flexible options to fit your need whether it’s a contract role, direct hire, or full project service. Our statementworX suite offers a highly customized set of managed solutions that can help to solve your most critical challenges for Biomanufacturing through the near future. And we don’t get paid till you fill the role or complete the project, depending on the solution you choose. 


As a niche recruitment specialist, Kelly Science & Clinical is ready to partner with you. We provide a full portfolio of customized talent solutions to complement your business needs that includes contract, contract to hire, direct hire, and managed solutions through statementworX, where we manage an entire team, project, or function according to your requirements.  

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