Kelly Engineering provides Business Process Outsourcing

Kelly Engineering provides Business Process Outsourcing

Ramp up productivity

With the cyclical nature of projects and the recruiting challenge created by a continually widening talent gap, it doesn’t always make budgetary or operational sense to hire additional full-time engineering employees. Your organization may choose to bring on temporary workers for the lifecycle of a project but then risk stretching in-house supervisory capacity too thin. In that case, we can help. Kelly Engineering designs custom, scalable solutions that drive efficiency and minimize risk. We can take over management of entire departments or projects and deliver results to defined Service Level Agreements. We provide a high-quality technical work product—managed and delivered by highly qualified and experienced experts in the field—rather than just extra hands. We work closely with our clients’ engineering teams, forming a collaborative, integral relationship that promotes communication, and high performance throughout the engagement. Our turnkey solutions empower your management team to achieve greater scalability and efficiency, and to focus on making an impact on the organization’s strategic goals.

We offer outsourcing solutions for a variety of engineering functions, including:

  • CAD Drafting and ETO/DTO
  • Product Sustenance
  • Product Testing and V&V
  • Technical Writing
  • Process Documentation
  • Process Validation
  • Quality Engineering
  • Space Planning and Facilities Drafting

Case studies

Kelly Engineering helps the sustainability and product stewardship division of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies effectively manage administrative functions and support overall growth.

The company

A multinational medical and pharmaceutical product manufacturer has an engineering sustainability division focused on product stewardship and biocompatibility.

The challenge

The division wanted to grow but had no continuity in staff or consistency in performance as its temporary workforce had a two-year term cap and took six to eight months to train.

The outcome

  • Staff and maintain a consolidated workforce to manage all administrative engineering tasks.
  • Established an impactful growth development program.
  • Achieved consistency and efficiency, while simultaneously supporting division growth and cost containment.


Delivering a custom BPO solution, Kelly Engineering helps a leading vision care company increase talent retention and streamline its functional management structure.

The company

A vision care research and manufacturing company within one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device corporations.

The challenge

Facing short tenure caps on temporary talent, the organization needed to transform its functional management structure in order to increase retention.

The outcome

  • Streamlined organizational structure by taking over the management of key functions within the R&D organization.
  • Seamlessly transitioned essential talent into new BPO structure and staffed additional roles as needed.
  • Increased talent retention without adding headcount.

The BPO Advantage

  • Increase scalability and flexibility.
  • Improve processes, infrastructure, and service quality.
  • Maximize productivity, reliability, and safety.
  • Minimize liability and risk exposure.
  • Overcome talent shortages and meet global demand.

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