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For a large manufacturer of semiconductor chips and microprocessors, Kelly® finds the optimal solution—hiring hundreds of technicians at an expanding production facility.

The customer is a multinational technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. As businesses and people continue to harness the capabilities of the cloud and advances driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), demand for the client’s products and services continues to climb sharply. Many of its own technologies are at the core of growth anticipated in other major industry sectors around the globe. To keep up, the company was expanding a key manufacturing site in Arizona to improve its production capacity, and needed to source a large influx of manufacturing technicians over four shifts.

The challenge: demand for technology

The company is among the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips and microprocessors found in most personal computers (PCs). It also makes motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors, and other devices for communications and computing. In the near future, the numbe of people and things that are connected to the internet will rise steeply. As these advances continue to drive demand for its core technologies over a wider range of electronic devices, the company was building new fabrication plants at a site in Chandler, Arizona, to increase its production capacity. The client needed to add over 400 manufacturing technicians across four different shifts at the location. The manufacturing techs would be hired over the course of about a year, and just in time as the new buildings were completed and fully operational.

The client needed an expert in staffing for manufacturing and technical roles. Kelly had filled engineering and technical positions before this new project, so client leaders were already familiar with the team’s capability to find high-quality talent. The local Kelly team had a small window to begin ramping up, since the client wanted to start the hiring process immediately.

The solution: Kelly project resourcing

To keep up, the local Kelly team knew it would need to connect with talent quickly. And to make such a large number of placements, the team would have to funnel a pool of thousands in sourcing, screening, recruiting, and pipelining new candidates for the project. They quickly put an innovative solution in place for resourcing the project that would enhance the client’s existing talent acquisition team for high-volume, accelerated hiring.

The core team of local recruiters needed help. They identified additional Kelly resources, both in the Arizona market and remotely, to create a high-impact project team with the extra support to source, screen, recruit, and on-board candidates more rapidly. The team relied on proven, best-in-class recruiting
and hiring processes, with insight into the talent supply and demand for local or prospective markets.

The team implemented a strategy to begin recruiting activities immediately, leveraging the local market talent to hit the ground running. They engaged candidates through the Kelly database, external job postings, and referrals. Recruiters were sure to look for soft skills that the client preferred as well as the hard skill requirements. They constantly refined the ideal candidate profile, to help identify better and better candidates as the project continued.

The result: the right talent, right on time

The Kelly team came together to meet and exceed the client’s expectations—building close relationships with the client’s hiring managers, and following up with outstanding customer service. This allowed the team to truly understand the company’s culture, and better deliver the right talent it needed, right on time—with the right combination of aptitude, soft skills, and experience.

Kelly screened more than 2,500 potential candidates. To date, Kelly has placed 410 technicians on assignment.

The ratio of Kelly submittals-to-orders filled—roughly 6:1—is an indicator of high quality. By providing higher quality candidates, Kelly enabled the client to fill its openings more efficiently. This translated to more time for the client’s staff to focus on core business matters, and ultimately saved in cost. Meanwhile, the critical expansion of the company’s production capacity was launched as planned.

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