Transforming the way you connect with tech talent.

Transforming the way you connect with tech talent.

We’re not recruiters who happen to do tech. We eat, sleep, and breathe this worldchanging industry.

The experts in tech experts.

Digital progress is accelerating, fast. Across every sector, in every part of the globe, innovative technology is changing the way we live. It’s supporting pioneering healthcare treatments, helping us to stay connected, and enabling us to build a greener tomorrow.

We’re proud to be part of this important story, helping the world’s leading organizations to create our digital future. Last year, we placed over 8,300 tech candidates in support of our U.S. clients at more than 3,200 locations.

These are just some of the specialties we are proud to support:

  • Cyber Security, Risk,and Compliance
  • Modern Enterprise Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • RPA and AI
  • App and UI/UX Design
  • Data Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Digital Experience


We work with 75 of the Fortune 100™.

Why choose Kelly® Technology?

Meet our tech-sperts.

We’re tech insiders. Each of our recruiters has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the tech industry and we’re always on top of the latest industry news and trends. This helps us to advise our clients and candidates on what’s next.

Uncover hidden expertise.

You’re looking for a unicorn—that cloud engineer, data scientist, or automation specialist who can bring your next big idea to life. But great tech talent can be hard to find. Luckily, our recruiters know how to connect with those experts who aren’t actively looking—35% of the talent we place is sourced off-market.

Become part of our network.

When you partner with us, you plug into a global network of amazing talent. Our candidate pool is made up of more than 27,000 tech experts. Sources include our internal talent network and Kelly database, social media, job boards, local partners, search engines, and more.

Your vision. Your ambition. Our tech talent expertise.

Our job is to help you to do yours, really, really well. So, whether you need a temporary project team to develop a new product fast or a full stack developer for the long-haul, we have you covered. We build each and every one of our award-winning solutions around your culture and business goals, from direct sourcing and temporary support to strategic insights and business process outsourcing.

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12-24 months

Is our average engagement

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2-3 days

Is our average order fill time

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Kelly was named #3 on the Forbes Best Professional Recruiting Firms list in 2020.

Champion great talent.

People aren’t a commodity. They’re the beating heart of your business. We make sure our employees and candidates always feel valued and supported. From onboarding to ongoing talent care and support with their next big role, we’re always there when they need us.

We've got work figured out

In calm or chaos, you can count on us for guidance. Because we’ve been around, and we’ll be here for you. We know a thing or two about the future of work—and we can’t wait to help you discover what’s next.

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