Technology is constantly evolving. If you want to stay on the cutting-edge of what’s next, you need to be connected with those transforming the industry. That’s why we partner with today’s top innovators.

Our approach is simple; we’re looking for those making an impact.

Our team of technology veterans identifies disruptive software and service providers, and through a thorough vetting process we select complimentary forward-thinking organizations.  

With our partners we can address a wide range of enterprise challenges – including solutions ranging from MDR services and AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, cloud expense management and low-code platforms to rapidly drive business efficiencies.

Working hand-in-hand with our partners we can use our shared expertise in human capital and software solutions, to solve our client’s complex problems and help them lead the digital transformation of tomorrow.

Our Partners

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Epiphany enhances your defensive security controls by providing you with an offensive perspective. We expose the most likely attack paths to your most critical IT assets and users, and then deliver actionable recommendations on how to remove them. Epiphany is the first offensive cyber platform designed to reduce time-to-context. The platform is a simple and powerful way to get the most out of your existing security tools.

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GoSecure is a recognized cybersecurity leader and innovator, pioneering the integration of endpoint, network, and email threat detection into a single Managed Detection and Response service. For over 10 years, GoSecure has been helping customers better understand their security gaps and improve their organizational risk and security maturity through Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, software solutions, and Advisory Services delivered by one of the most trusted, skilled, and experienced teams in the industry. 

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Retaining institutional knowledge, cross-training, and upskilling employees is a challenge for many organizations. Logictry is a new software platform that combines learning management, knowledge management, and a no-code application development, into one solution, to make knowledge interactive and actionable.

With Logictry, organizations can ramp up new-hires into experts quickly and prevent institutional knowledge from leaving the organization when there is employee turnover.

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Profit Enhancement Systems

Profit Enhancement Systems improves profits, processes, visibility, and control for medium and large enterprises by aligning our team’s efforts firmly behind our clients’ technology, financial and operational goals. Profit Enhancement Systems provides a world-class ServiceNow-based solution to managing telecom, mobility, and cloud spend to companies medium and large enterprise clients. The solution is fully staffed with a team of subject matter experts and engineering resources - freeing up your team to address IT and business-critical needs. We back our services with 100% ROI guarantee, ensuring our team is adding value and continuously optimizing your spend.