Engineering Leadership Principles for the Contingent Workforce

Engineering Leadership Principles for the Contingent Workforce

Learn how to effectively manage contingent engineers to promote higher performance

Managers who utilize contingent engineering workers must fill the leadership role despite not holding a legally recognized supervisor-employee hierarchical relationship. Managers strive to give assignments, direct activities, evaluate work products, and obtain the best performance from contingent workers outside of the bounds of traditional arrangements.

While many managers assume that contingent workers lack incentive to perform, studies have shown that the right leadership can inspire and motivate these non-employees to drive more value for your business.

In this report, we help you explore the best leadership approaches and tactics for managing contingent workers in engineering and other technical roles, including:

  • Gaining higher performance from contingent workers
  • Avoiding potential liabilities
  • Promoting collaboration between employees and non-employees

Navigating this nuanced role will help make your contingent workforce program more valuable.  This increases your organization’s ability to meet the ebb and flow of project-based and cyclical work demands, and offers access to skills and expertise to enhance the knowledge base of regular employees. Download the free guide to learn more about leading a contingent engineering workforce.

View the full report: Leadership Principles for the Contingent Engineering Workforce




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